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The CyberGarden of Yams

"Yam", as a linguistic entity, denotes a kind of naturally grown food. But, for Taiwanese, it means more than that. Geographically, the Formosa have a similar shape as yams. As a kind of food, it was part of major source for Taiwanese. In addition, yam can grow and proliferate in many sterile lands. Strenghth of sustainability and the will to struggle with harsh livings not only identify with the history of Taiwanese, but also become part of the nature of Taiwanese. "Yam" is the same term, of identity and of aspiration, as "Taiwanese".

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Most of all, we sincerely invite all ethnic groups of aborigines, new immigrants and Hakkaians, and grassroot organization for ecological and environmental protection and preservation, to participate in this grand construction of a brand new public sphere. If you like to join us, please mail to us .

We look forward to comments, friendship and affiliation from you.

Topics of The Month : Feb. 95~Jan. 96

Janunary 96
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December 95
Internet '95
November 95
Taiwan Naturally
October 95
Living Space in Taiwan
September 95
Taiwan Culture
August 95
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July 95
Tour Guide for Summer Vacation
June 95
May 95
Our Respects to The Workers
April 95
Celebraion of The Children's Day
March 95
For the Women's Day
February 95
In Memory of The 228 Massacre

Special Thanks :

Our special thanks go to Dr. C.M. Ho and his colleagues from Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica (in Taiwan), Prof. H.M. Lee from Department of Electronics, Taiwan of Polytechnic Institute and Prof. C.Y. Kao from Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University for their assistance and support in establishing the CyberGarden of Yams.

We also like to express our gratitude to the Taiwanese Student Association, State Univerisity of North Carolina in generously granting the YamWeb with those lovely icons of Taiwanese life.

We thanks the Task Force of the Formosa on WWW Project at Frontier Foundation for their assistance with most of the organizations in writing up their homepages.

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